Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Nursery




(Any Northwest baby needs a good set of jackets!)

I'm two days from my due date and I'm more or less done with the nursery. There are a few loose ends still -- that good-looking couple in the frame on the bookcase is not Andrew and me (I could never have bangs that stylish, thanks to the blessing of a front double cowlick), and there is another empty frame on the wall where I've asked my sister-in-law to write a Bible verse in calligraphy/handwriting much better than my own. But other than that, I think I'm done.

I really wanted the baby's room to feel like an extension of our house, and not a magical world of all things baby (I'm already a bad mom). After all, Andrew and I have to spend a lot of time in the room and I'm fairly certain the baby is not interested in what wall color I laboriously chose for him, nor in basically any other design choices I made. So I figured I might as well create a space that is functional for the baby, but that I enjoy being in as well. So for that reason, the room ended up including a lot of neutrals and a pretty simple design scheme (euphemism for borderline boring), including a lot of grey, white, and navy blue. The room is also extremely small so it needed a certain minimalist quality to not feel cramped. I'm certain if we were having a girl, I would have painted the walls pink and gone all out with a gold and glitz theme that I probably would have later regretted (or not). But I'm happy that much of what we purchased and were gifted we can likely use again, regardless of our next baby's gender.

Side note A: Yes, there happens to be a letter B hanging on the wall behind the baby's crib...but who knows what that really means. Baby? Brown? Bilbo Baggins? You never know.

Side note B: Also, I was really into getting a live plant for the baby's room. When I brought the plant home one day, Andrew asked me what it was. "It's the baby's plant," I said. "The baby's plant? Why would the baby need a plant?" my husband inquired. "Well obviously because I want the baby to be able to breathe clean air. Obviously." To which Andrew responded, "You do know that plants actually take oxygen at night and produce carbon dioxide..."

Well...No. I did not remember that. Sorry I don't have a Masters in Botany or a 4th grade-level understanding of plants. And I'm sure Google can answer this question, but what does it all mean? Plants still create more oxygen than they take, right? The baby does benefit from a plant, right? I spent too much time researching crib safety that I didn't have much time to research the pros and cons of foliage and newborns.

Anyway, the nursery is simple and light and I look forward to spending many a day and night here. The only problem is that I accidentally bought a tiny clock that makes a ticking noise (they should really have labels on the box) and if anyone knows how well I do with ticking clocks, they know that I in fact do not do well.

Get here already, baby. Your Martha Stewart grey walls await you.

Bookcase: Target Threshold
Dresser: IKEA Hemnes
Crib Mobile: Pottery Barn Kids 
Crib Skirt: Target
Alphabet Artwork: Society6 Helena Lunding (no longer available)
Iron Letter: Anthropologie
Rug: Overstock
Wingback Chair: IKEA Strandmon
Pillow: Target Simply Shabby Chic (no longer available)
Foot Pouf: Target Threshold
Curtains: Target Threshold
Changing Pad Cover: Amazon Aden + Anais
Wooden Toys: Thrifted
Hardy Boys Books: Thrifted
Globe: World Market
Plant: IKEA (they don't list their plants online)
Grey Vase and Plate: Anthropologie
Bear Artwork: Society6 Amy Hamilton
Grey Mirror: Target Threshold
Storage Baskets: Target Threshold

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Maternity Photos

My sister graciously agreed to take some maternity photos for me a few weeks ago. So I strapped on some high heels and we trespassed onto a neighbor's field and proceeded to document my 36th week of pregnancy.


A week later, I convinced Andrew to walk outside and take a few pictures with me so that we would have some documentation of the two of us during my pregnancy. If you know Andrew, photos with him are the worst. And I mean that completely lovingly and respectfully, but the worst (apologies all these years later to our wedding photographer). I told him it would only take 10 minutes and he actually started his stopwatch. In the end, he was a decent sport and didn't fake smile/grimace too much, especially considering it actually took 14 minutes and 23 seconds...I was later told. And at least we got a few shots!
I can tell a significant difference in the size of my stomach just from that one week duration. And since I am a few weeks late posting this, I'm actually just 9 days from my due date now -- and almost ready to experience labor if it means no longer having to make a heaving sound in order to roll over in the middle of the night, and if it means not feeling like my feet are actually starting to break apart underneath me when I go grocery shopping. #drama

All that is to say, we love you, baby. And look forward to meeting you soon. Some people express their photographic love towards their babies by doing the little heart sign around their belly, but we not only love you, we want you to live long and prosper. And be a Star Trek fan. Your mom does, at least!