Thursday, September 25, 2008

Andrew and Lyndsey's Wedding!

I posted some of our wedding pictures for those of you who weren't able to make it. Thanks to everyone who was a part of our amazing wedding. We loved it!

Getting Ready...

Just a few getting ready moments to share.

My own personal dressing entourage. I'll never have this many people at my disposal ever again.

I loved the back of Sharaya's dress.

The Ceremony

The before moments...

Andrew's string quartet people.

The long march down the aisle.

We had to make the longest walk ever. It swung around the side of the house and then looped all the way around the front lawn before it hits the center aisle. I appreciated it though -- it made the moment last longer.

Our first moments as newlyweds...

Family Ties

My sister, me and my brother...and yes, I have a brother.

These are Andrew's sisters from left to right: Elizabeth is the youngest, Rachel is the oldest and Amanda is the middle (as am I).

Andrew with his family.

My mom and dad.

The last one is both our families together. It's amazing we can actually get a good shot with so many people and no one's eyes are closed, and on the first try nonetheless.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Wedding Party

My faithful maid of honor...

and my lovely wedding party...

Those are some good looking'd never know they stayed out all night playing paintball...

Our wedding photographer was quoted as saying we have "the most high maintenance groomsmen she's even been around." So true. But I thought our wedding party was so much fun -- thanks guys.

Alone Time...

We don't have many good portraits, but we have a lot of kissing pictures...sorry. The lighting was amazing and even Andrew did a good job getting through the awkward staged pictures. None of which are included here.

Andrew looks pretty good holding that bouquet...

A Little Dancing

We had some dancing but seeing as the pictures aren't that interesting, I'll just show random half body shots.


I love these pictures. Andrew accidentally ate his own wedding cake instead of feeding it to me...he's from Spain. This was the girls' reaction.
Here are the famous cupcakes. They were amazing! Karyn still hasn't stopped talking about them. The cream colored ones were bavarian cream filled and the pink, raspberry filled. Sooo good. And my awesome dad did such an amazing job building that cupcake stand.

Mimosa bar...

The Exit

These are our good-bye high-five lines.

We were actually staying the night at Bybee's so we just had to drive off and hang out for awhile until everyone left.

I figured I would also give some boring decor our centerpieces, bouquets etc., Just so you can get an over all feel of the venue. We were married at a bed and breakfast right across
from my house called Bybee's Historic Inn.