Thursday, September 25, 2008

Andrew and Lyndsey's Wedding!

I posted some of our wedding pictures for those of you who weren't able to make it. Thanks to everyone who was a part of our amazing wedding. We loved it!


KA said...

Wow, Lyndsey, thanks for posting the pics. You look A-MAY-ZING! You both make a very beautiful couple. So, the future brown children are destined to be very handsome. The pics made me miss you and make me sad I couldn't be there to share your day. It looked marvellous. Love and Blessings,

KA said...

p.s. am i the first to post a comment? i think i deserve a prize.

ZB said...

Your photographer is amazing. Those are some great photos.

The Timmerman's said...

Hey Lynds. I haven't talked to you in awhile...lame! I love the pictures and want to see more. Let's get together soon for coffee or whatever. Hope all is well!

KeriAnn said...

Lyndsey, wow, can't believe I ran into you at Fred-Stinkin-Meyer. I realized I don't have your updated email, only your old corban address. i wanted to write you first and tell you how wonderful it was to see you for a minute.
You are hilarious, and witty, and i miss hanging with ya.
write me sometime.


Andrew and Kathleen Finch said...

Hey Lyndsey!!! I just wanted to say hi and hope all is well with you and Andrew! Your pictures are very pretty and I wish I could have been there! Hope to hear from you soon.

The Kjack's said...

Hey Lyndsey-

Sorry I am just now responding to your long ago post on my blog! As you can probably notice, am not the most avid blogger, but I am always trying to turn over a new leaf and blog a bit more! I sure did love seeing your wedding pictures! You are a beautiful bride! Looks like it was a terrific wedding! I would love to see you sometime when we are in Salem-Maybe I should use one more exclamation mark beings as I over did it a bit with them above!!!