Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Chapter of Household Don'ts

Just in time for the holidays...

In my aspirations to be a better housewife and thus a better member of society, a series of fortuitous events led me to an article in Good Housekeeping first published in 1885. The article is entitled, "A Chapter of Household Don'ts" and is "divided into verses for easy and profitable reading." I have copied down the following "don'ts" in order to spur the modern woman on towards greater household etiquette and attentiveness. You are welcome.

-Don't stand when you can sit just as well.
-Don't put off the mending from week to week.
-Don't you know that vinegar will clean the isinglass in the stove doors?
-Don't you know your floor oil cloths can be washed in buttermilk or kerosene?
-Don't give little children two languages to learn,--first baby-talk, then afterward true pronunciation.
-Don't hesitate to place a piece of zinc on the live coals in the stove; it will clean out the stove pipe.
-Don't throw away nice woolen stockings when the feet are worn out, but cut them down for the children.
-Don't fail to be clean and tidy in every nook and corner, but Don't be a slave to a shining stove or carpet.
-Don't do unnecessary work because your mother or grandmother did. There was not half so much to be done in her day.

Fortunately for me, there are 12 mg of zinc in my Flintstones vitamins so I'm hoping those will clean my stove just as well. Happy housemaking this Christmas!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sometimes, When I'm Awfully Low...I Watch Sesame Street.

When asked what I was thankful for at Thanksgiving dinner last week, I almost said Elmo. But considering I'm relatively new to Andrew's side of the family I opted for something more traditional...like friends and family.

Fortunately for my conscience, this answer was sufficient as I consider Elmo one of my friends (and a member of my family because technically he's a monster...and there are some monsters in my family?...not working I know). It's just that he always puts me in such a good mood. Five minutes with Elmo is the equivalency to 30 minutes with an aging golden retriever or one hour with a basketful of kittens. Elmo just does good things for the soul (...like Jesus[I was also thankful for Jesus]). I don't know why I always laugh when Elmo laughs, or why the idea of Robert De Niro as Elmo still strikes a chord with me, or when Elmo tells Ricky Gervais to essentially "get off" him...ahhhh there's just something about it.

And while you're at it, why not watch Elmo's prank phone call ?(not associated with Sesame Street).