Monday, September 19, 2011

Our Mostly Finished Living Room

I have this ugly orange folder where I keep my house decorating inspirations. It's like a more archaic form of Pinterest. I call it Staplering:

orange folder

Anyway, this month we officially celebrated our one-year anniversary as Savannah homeowners. Though I have completely underestimated how long it takes to finish working on a home, our living room is for the most part complete. This is what it looked like when we moved in:



And this was my inspiration page that looks like it was compiled by an elementary school kid (I did use crayons). I really fell in love with a neutral cream and gray palette with some soft blues and greens. And I would never say that sentence out loud in real life...


And here's what we did:


We recovered our existing sofa, thrifted and repainted the white side table, I sewed the curtains (and the bottom pieces may or may not, but mostly just may, be from a shower curtain), bought a new side chair and some pillows from Pier1, and gathered an assortment of other items from HomeGoods and World Market.



pillow collage w space


I say our living room is "mostly finished" because I want to ninja kick our we-were-married-for-one-month-so-it's-all-we-could-afford IKEA Lack table and replace it with this "grey-weathered farmhouse coffee table" from World Market:

World Market Farmhouse Table

And I sort of want this "put a bird on it" silver fireplace screen:
Fireplace Screen
Then I think I would be done. The big question is whether I should pin these images on Pinterest, or cut them out and scotch tape them to a blank piece of computer paper and scribble around them with crayon and place them in the orange folder.

Pinterest: A virtual pinboard.
Staplering: A real life piece of paper you can staple things to.

I choose crayons and real life!