Monday, September 19, 2011

Our Mostly Finished Living Room

I have this ugly orange folder where I keep my house decorating inspirations. It's like a more archaic form of Pinterest. I call it Staplering:

orange folder

Anyway, this month we officially celebrated our one-year anniversary as Savannah homeowners. Though I have completely underestimated how long it takes to finish working on a home, our living room is for the most part complete. This is what it looked like when we moved in:



And this was my inspiration page that looks like it was compiled by an elementary school kid (I did use crayons). I really fell in love with a neutral cream and gray palette with some soft blues and greens. And I would never say that sentence out loud in real life...


And here's what we did:


We recovered our existing sofa, thrifted and repainted the white side table, I sewed the curtains (and the bottom pieces may or may not, but mostly just may, be from a shower curtain), bought a new side chair and some pillows from Pier1, and gathered an assortment of other items from HomeGoods and World Market.



pillow collage w space


I say our living room is "mostly finished" because I want to ninja kick our we-were-married-for-one-month-so-it's-all-we-could-afford IKEA Lack table and replace it with this "grey-weathered farmhouse coffee table" from World Market:

World Market Farmhouse Table

And I sort of want this "put a bird on it" silver fireplace screen:
Fireplace Screen
Then I think I would be done. The big question is whether I should pin these images on Pinterest, or cut them out and scotch tape them to a blank piece of computer paper and scribble around them with crayon and place them in the orange folder.

Pinterest: A virtual pinboard.
Staplering: A real life piece of paper you can staple things to.

I choose crayons and real life!


Mary-Anne said...

I love it! It looks like it came straight out of a Pier 1 catalog.

A & K Finch said...

Looks awesome Lyndsey! Looks very cozy! Show more parts of the house.

Carmen said...

It looks beautiful! Dang you and your lethal combo of crayon inspiration boards and photography skills.

Karyn said...

Nw- I did not know you used a shower curtain. Sneaky! Also, don't have scorn in your voice when you talk about IKEA, as some of us are still in poor mode. Also, it is racist against the Swedes.

The Officer's said...

I LOVE everything about it.

Audrey said...

When I grow up, I want to be just like you-- (even though you are only a year older than me, you are far more advanced in things like home-owning, gardening, blogging, baking, and decorating). Also, I had the same IKEA table (because we bought it the month we got married and it was all we could afford too) and we actually just recently gave in and ninja-kicked it to death. Does the bottom shelf fall out? The worst.

Amanda B said...

I want your house. I'm sure you'll be able to get rid of the Ikea table soon, but the rest looks so peaceful and dreamy, just like when I visited! (And the word "dreamy" sounds like I'm referring to my high school crush in the 80s. Not that I was born then...) It is seriously beautiful. Way to go.

Amanda B said...

btw, I choose Pinterest. It is so wonderful.

SarahJohnson27 said...

were these pictures taken before or after Eamon broke off a piece of the white vase?

lyndsey said...

Thank you all for the unnecessary but never unappreciated complimentary comments. You guys are too nice.

Audrey -- I miss you. And the shelf falling out is the absolute worst. And the entire thing being made of particle board is sort of the worst too.

Sarah -- This was before. Those pieces are still sitting on the side table waiting to be glued. Clearly I care a lot.