Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Do it for your Country...Make a Cheesecake!

My husband has officially been Private Brown in the Army for one week now. But rather than talk about depressing subjects like Andrew being in the military, I would rather share pictures of baking! Why? Because blogging is about sharing things you're proud of and making your life seem perfect. So I've decided to try and compare my Army wife status to food -- because baking is a lot like life: you have to make do with what you have, be creative, share with others, find joy in the simple things and try not to get fat. If my life right now were a baked would be a:


because they're alone but luckily they have a large number of friends that stick with them.

A Pie:

because it doesn't matter how pretty you make the crust look, it's what's inside you that really matters (like healthy Holy Spirit fruits).


because sometimes you forget to clean as you go because you're not Martha Stewart.

A Cake:

because it's big enough to share with other people even if it is just one little cake...and also you can put Army men on top of it and make it a military defense cake:

Did anyone follow this post? Didn't think so. But Andrew will be coming back for Christmas hopefully. He's in South Carolina for basic training for 10 weeks and then he's going to Georgia for Officer school for 13 weeks. Come over and have food with me. I make a pretty decent cheesecake.