Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Due to the self-indulgent nature of blogs and the fact that I have no children, I resist the temptation to post things about my life. Perhaps if Andrew and I move away or have kids, I will put this blog to use, but until then I will continue to be counter-culture and continue on my "technology is evil, people never talk face to face anymore" rantings.
ANYWAY, some of you may be asking, "if you never use your blog, why did you change your background?" To which I would respond, "you should feel ashamed for even noticing that" but in truth, I've found that changing my blog background is a good way to connect to my husband. He is a computer programmer and I had to engage in some minimal "coding" techniques to achieve this coveted look. Therefore, I feel I can relate to him more now that I have tested the coding waters and maybe I will even try to program some more complicated things, i.e., a robot.