Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My New Friends

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, I have essentially finalized all the foods I want to eat. In fact, I think for the past week or so, every other thought in my mind has been about this meal and what I will eat and how I will eat it and what I will do with the leftovers and how I will rebuild my self worth after all the eating is over. My larger dilemma, though, is what type of cinnamon rolls to make for Thanksgiving morning. Andrew is no help in this area. His metabolism often inhibits him from actually tasting food, and I think I could sprinkle a Top Ramen packet on the inside of these things and he would like them just the same. The cinnamon rolls, then, are really just for me.

And there are so many worthy options:

Regular cinnamon rolls with vanilla glaze.
cinnamon rolls pan

Or super awesome cream cheese frosting.

Or Buttermilk syrup (which my southern lady friend calls Buttermilk "gravy").

 Or pumpkin cinnamon rolls with pumpkin pie spices.
pumpkin crolls2

And, of course, super awesome cream cheese frosting.
pumpkin crolls

 Or I could be really ridiculous and make cookie dough again.

Or stuff the cinnamon rolls with apples sauteed in brown sugar and butter.

Or, I could commit the mother of all sins and make the worst thing ever: cinnamon rolls filled with crushed Oreos.

All with super awesome cream cheese frosting.

The problem is, I want all the things. I want all the flavors. And all the cream cheese. And none of the insulin consequences.

Either way, this week I am thankful for cinnamon rolls (and love [and family (and Andrew)]). And next week I'm sure I will be thankful for running shoes that can help me rebuild my self esteem again.

But for now, me and the fatty rolls are going to be BFFs.