Wednesday, July 22, 2009

To All the Expectant Mothers:

A lot of people seem to be pregnant this time of year: KeriAnn, Julie, 2 girls at work, another girl in our church and probably some other people who don't know it yet (Kari? Sarah? Karyn?...Me?). Doubtful.

Anyway, some of you may have forgotten what the birthing process is actually like. Thankfully, I always have this video to go back to. Even though I'm with a bunch of first graders on this trip, viewer discretion is advised.

What is this lady talking about? "Now those chains around the baby's legs do not hurt the baby ok?" Not's actually not ok.

"Well there's a little blood when you have babies...that's just how it goes."

No thank you. I'm going to wait just a little longer until someone cranks something out of my body with chains.

But to all my pregnant friends: good luck.