Friday, January 22, 2010


Our military schedule is hard to keep up with. This post may be just as much for my own reference as anyone else's:

-January 21-25: Columbia, Georgia visiting Andrew at OCS
-January 26-March 12: Spain visiting Andrew's family and taking language classes
-March 16: Andrew's graduation ball (seriously...I'm pretty sure this is a formal)
-March 18: Andrew's OCS graduation

Anything after that is uncertain. We are still not sure what Andrew's assignment will be when he graduates. I'm hoping for somewhere in the Swiss Alps.


The Finch's said...

Wow...lots of traveling but such an awesome adventure! I am glad that you are able to travel and get to see Andrew! Keep us posted where God leads you two!

Cacee Cobb said...

Good news-- I have resumed my duties as your personal assistant and have already found you the perfect dress for Andrew's formal graduation ball. Please copy and paste the link below, and let me know what size you would like me to order for you.

Kari said...

hope you're enjoying your time with andrew. i'll miss you monday night. ;)