Wednesday, February 17, 2010


This is the lamp post at the intersection of my school. I often wish this lamp post led me to Narnia or one of the Dharma stations and not to Spanish class. Nevertheless, I walk past it everyday and find myself at Escuela Internacional.

I won't be here too much longer though -- only 3 more weeks. After that, Andrew and I have a lot of change ahead of us. Last week Andrew finally "branched" at OCS; meaning, he chose his MOS; meaning, he has to buy different ACUs; meaning, why can't the Army use language people understand? All that is to say, he chose his career in the Army. Andrew branched "Signals" which is essentially computers.

Your choice of MOS determines where you will move, how long you will study, etc. So our news is this: it appears we will be moving to Augusta, Georgia sometime in March or April for another 6 months of training. We don't have a lot of information other than that, but we're hoping for a small break in between Andrew's OCS graduation and his Signals training to be able to return to Oregon.

In the meantime, more Spanish and cold weather here in Spain. More missing my husband. More Army acronyms. And more watching LOST on Asian internet channels. Ciao.


Kari said...

Cool picture. I can't believe you'll be back in 3 weeks. It's going by fast. But then off to Georgia, huh? Hopefully you can wait until early April...I want you to meet my baby!

Carmen said...

I looked up Georgia. That is so far south it deserves a wow. Then I wikipedia-ed it. It is the ninth most populous state and when you include state-controlled rivers and bodies of water (Wikipedia does), it is the fourth largest state east of the Mississippi River. Now you know.

KeriAnn said...

You are on a journey my friend!
praying for you.

Karyn said...

Remember that time that that person ran out of admissions building at Corban because we were screaming Narnia? Do you like the beginning of my last sentence where I used the word "that" three times in the first five words? All I want to do is make you proud. PS you are good at taking fotografias; I like to see them.

BrownTown said...


Thank you for the helpful facts. The Canadian now knows more about Georgia than I do.