Saturday, February 26, 2011

A List

Reasons why I like the city of Savannah, GA:

1.The presence of many beautiful historic buildings: churches built in the 1700s by French Colonists, large mansions that remain as remnants of the Civil War and cemeteries where many of the soldiers are still buried.

2. Specialty drinks: there is the option of sweet tea at every restaurant you visit, including the brand Luzianne, which I assume is supposed to sound like the southern pronunciation of Louisiana. This includes raspberry sweet tea, peach sweet tea, unsweetened sweet tea and sweetest sweet tea.

3. River Street: this famous street boasts original cobblestone complete with the presence of two super-old candy stores that give you free samples of pralines and offer every option of saltwater taffy imaginable. They also make the taffy fresh in front of you and will sometimes throw you free pieces if you jump up and down and clap your hands.

4. Famous movies are filmed here, like the well-known Forrest Gump and lesser known and more terrible The Last Song. In fact, production is currently going on downtown for a new movie aptly entitled, Savannah, which stars Jim Caviezel. You may also know him as Jesus or Edmond Dantes.

5. And a final reason for liking Savannah is that the town is only a few hours away from this location:


Universal Studios in Orlando, FL.

Universal also has historic buildings:


And the presence of a very significant street, or rather, alley:

Diagon Alley

With directions to some more important places:


And though it doesn't have sweet tea, it has something arguably better:



A sort of famous movie was also filmed in accordance with these surroundings.

And while living at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter may mean having to occasionally deal with "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named," I didn't see a single cockroach. I wish I could say the same for the streets of Georgia. Though if there were cockroaches at Hogwarts, you could probably just give them a Cruciatus Curse.

But alas, my home is in Savannah so I guess I will settle for making Butterbeer at home and drinking it in my front porch rocker.

But I am happy to call Hogwarts my neighbor city.

And shamelessly promote other reasons why people should come visit me.


Mary-Anne said...

I've been waiting to see pictures from your trip to Harry Potter world! I'm so jealous. It looks incredible! Maybe someday I will get to go there...

Ashley said...

Okay so jealous that you got to go to Harry Potter world. In fact I have actually been having dreams about it, and pregnancy dreams can be pretty crazy. :) I also agree that the Last Song was kind of terrible. Come on Nicolas Sparks, I expected more.

Karyn said...

So Harry Potter blog post is the reason you don't have time to call me? Touche, Harry.

Diagon Alley is crowded, dang! Did you meet the Weasley twins?

Kari said...

a couple things -

i have now seen the first four harry potter movies and am very tempted to read the books. the only reason i haven't is because i haven't wanted to go out and buy them. i'm sorry for fighting you on this. i've been intrigued.

also, do you remember the picture of me that was used for the "western baptist" application the year you came to school? your picture sort of reminds me of that.

miss you

lyndsey said...

Mary-Anne -- My pictures have been on my "muggle" camera (as the Hogwarts Express guy referred to my phone) so it took me a bit to finally upload them. I knew you would care about WWHP though...hope you can go sometime!

Ashley -- I also thought of you while I was posting this. :) You would love it. And I actually really liked the Notebook, The Last song...not so much.

Karyn -- I was going to say something obvious about the Weasley twins...but then I realized some people (like Kari) may still want to read the books.

Kari -- Now that you mention it, this picture absolutely resembles your Corban shot (and I definitely remember filling out that application with your face on it). Except yours is a bit cooler and I'm sort of glaring in mine.

If I could, I would give you the HP books to read myself. The first one is currently sitting in my car. I feel like it would really change the course of our friendship forever...

Jenny said...

I like how you tried to make it about Savannah but you couldn't. Your distaste for all things Southern seems to always rear it's ugly head.

Jenny said...

Sweet tea and Waffle House. Classy.