Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Definition of a Hipster:

My sisters-in-law, Amanda and Rachel, came to visit this past weekend. It was wonderful to have guests and to make food for more than two people.

Rachel also brought her boyfriend. They live in New York. They are young. They are hip. They are educated. They have words like "advertising" and "film" in their job descriptions.


They are, what some might call, hipsters. Hipsters displaced in the South.

Before this weekend, I knew very little about hipsters except that they listen to Arcade Fire and shop at vintage clothing stores. When asked directly whether or not they considered themselves hipsters, Rachel and her bf wouldn't really give a clear answer. Apparently rule number one of being a hipster is that one never admits one is a hipster. While this seems problematic, their subsequent denial of being a hipster only cements their hipster status in my mind even more. I also deny being a hipster. But I don't think that makes me a hipster. Because, well, try as I may...I'm just not.

After spending a better part of the weekend observing these two in action, I think I have a better idea of what exactly a hipster is and does. Apart from looking urban-bohemian-chic and like they just walked off the set of a photo shoot, here are several other qualities I observed that seem to define hipsters:

Hipsters spend time in the back yard looking photogenic and talking about greater world issues:


Hipsters don't eat bacon. But they do eat creme brulee:



Hipsters are good at wearing trendy glasses:


Hipsters walk with their arms around each other and laugh about silly things:



Hipsters cross the street in style:



They wear matching shoes:


When you take a picture of them in public, they default to linking arms and giving camera-ready looks:


And essentially, hipsters look all together stylish, magazine worthy and effortlessly cool at all times:




Non-hipsters on the other hand, do a few things well too.

Like not look good in trendy glasses:


And not look photogenic:


And just stand regular-like in photos:


But they can still beat the hipsters in Trivial Pursuit.

We non-hipsters have got to have something to offer the world.


Carmen said...

HA! I was smiling too hard for loling, but I actually did give a big guffaw at one point.

I really wish I had some hipster in me, but I think that gene was Brown.

The Officer's said...

I love this post! I have always loved Rachel's style. I wish I could pull that kind of stuff off. I think it's her hair. Her hair is COMPLETELY AMAZING - in my humble opinion. I am so glad you had visitors and your pictures are GEORGEOUS! Seriously, beautiful. Miss you and want to talk to you by phone! Let's do it.

Karyn said...

Poor frumpy Lyndrew-you are just regular humans. My husband, on the other hand, listens to Arcade Fire. Isn't he hip?

SarahJohnson27 said...

Ha! I want to know what Rachel thinks!

spanglified said...

I think it's funny.

lyndsey said...

Carmen -- I think maybe there is some hipster in those Gillette genes...

And Karyn, Joel is more like a hippie. Maybe a hipster-hippie hybrid. I think my sister is one of those too.

I agree with you Sarah. Their style is pretty fabulous.

Amanda said...

hahaha. yeah they are pretty cool...but at the same time i don't really aspire to be a hipster. i aspire to be, oh i don't know...Katy Perry.

Karyn said...

Super offended that you think Joel is a hippie. He doesn't forgive you.

Sarah Yags said...

Maybe this can add to the hipster/hippie debate:

lyndsey said...

Amanda, I think you are Extra-Terrestrial.

Yags, I gotta love you. You would recommend a study by a French sociologist debunking cultural stereotypes...whereas I would just go to something. Or maybe Wikipedia.

Karyn, Maybe Joel should read this article. Then he would get over his anger.

Anonymous said...

Lynds- cute post. They do look fabulous and photogenic.

HOWEVER, this is not the reason I'm writing. I SAW that torch! You ended up getting one! I think that might make you a 'Yuppie'

Glad you got one and I'm seriously going to force you to make me creme brulee if I ever make it down to Georgia.


Mallory said...

this post made me smile! being from berkeley, i am well aware of the hipster culture. you described it superbly! you are so adorable :)