Saturday, April 16, 2011


This past weekend, I put the "sin" in cinnamon rolls.

I can't remember where exactly I got the idea, but for some reason, I had the hankering to combine this:

and this:

And so I did.

And I am not ashamed.

I blame it on having company. My lovely friend Sharaya came to visit.

Sharaya and I go way back -- back to awkward stages in life, like Homecomings and driver's permits. I love Sharaya, and apparently I have no love language other than food.

While Sharaya was here, I also bought her coffee, gave her a $20 bill and promised to name my first born child after her, boy or girl.

See what sacrifices and gifts I bestow at the feet of my guests?

I'm talking to you people in Oregon who need to come visit me. The summer season is fast approaching. What's it going to take?

Name your terms.

I also have sweet tea.


Carmen said...

Dang it, temptress! I was doing so well with avoiding baked goods. You have created a monster. A yummy looking monster.

Karyn said...

Yes, yes, and yes, to all things baked. Start your preparations, because here I come.

lyndsey said...

"Of course not, Mother...I'm only here for the food."

Karyn said...


Sharaya said...

And yes.. I basically ate that entire pan... Ill be back to visit soon! Love you too Lyndsey. And I forgive you for the 10 lbs I gained staying with you. It was worth every bite!