Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Laundry Room Update

Our laundry room debacle is officially over, and I stayed true to my word. At least the part of my word where I said I would paint my laundry room pink -- not so much the part about actually doing laundry more frequently.

Before: tattered walls, dust everywhere, androgynous decor.  

blog 3

After: overpowering estrogen-haven of pinks, pastels and florals.




Though this room is typically littered with manly items like Army uniforms and muddy boots, I appreciate the feminine backdrop while I neglect Andrew's dirty socks and curse the smell they emit lovingly and gracefully launder and fold crisp linens and hum a soft melody.

I also think my laundry room decorating choices may represent my latent desire to decorate a nursery, and, apparently, I'm pulling for a girl. No need to worry, though -- I'm merely speaking about a hypothetical nursery for my non-baby.  I stopped short of hanging a mobile of coat hangers from the ceiling, so I think I'm good.

P.S. Thanks Carmen and Jenny for your ideas. I owe you one scoop of Tide bleach in exchange for your laundry room advice.


Carmen said...

*gaspy drool*

I love it. And I may copy your fabric/art idea and claim it as my own.

Amanda B said...

I looove it! Great choice of pink.

The Officer's said...

I LOVE your laundry room! I am now wishing I went with my first instinct to paint mine bright blue but instead I went with boring beige. I may need to bust out the blue since I have about three gallons left of it. Miss you so much and can't wait to see more of your house!

Jenny said...

I love the fabric in the embroidery hoops. I think the best thing about it is you can add more as you come across more coordinating fabric. That's what I've done with mine, anyway.

lyndsey said...

Yes, Jenny. Brilliant.