Wednesday, October 3, 2012

1/2 a post

So clearly I can't seem to blog anymore. I can't even manage to read blogs anymore. And it's not for lack of time, trust me. This semester I'm only teaching World Lit, and I just finished watching the whole first season of Once Upon a Time. In four days.

Anyway, internet world also seems to be against me. You see, for the last few months I had been working on some blog ideas in my head: I have some pictures of Karyn Guido's new baby I was going to share, I had a story about a lost time capsule, and I had a few recipes I was going to pass on. But for some reason, the first thing I wanted to post on related to the R-Patz / K-Stew debacle. Remember how Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart broke up after her affair? And now they might be getting back together? Oh, what, you don't care about Rob and Kristen? You're judging me? US Magazine isn't a bookmark on your browser? Well let's just say you won't be judging me in 10 years when the pop culture category comes up in Trivial Pursuit and I'm your opponent.

My point is, something that Mr. Pattinson said in an interview during the whole ordeal stuck with me. He said that "America really wants to have a Royal Family." And since we don't, we obsess abnormally over celebrities to fill our Will and Kate-less hearts.

So this got me thinking that we really should have some type of American royalty. Unfortunately, the last American to compare themselves to the Royal Family was Kim Kardashian when she married Kris Humphries. Score one for the great United States! Anyway, I was working on this blog post where I would make a case for who I would most like to see as the face of American Royalty. Here is who I came up with:

Will Arnett and Amy Poehler. They're funny. Smart. Creative. Have two kids. Make guest appearances on each other's shows. They make GAP ads together. And Parks and Rec is like my favorite show ever.

Then they broke up.

And now I'm out of blog ideas.

The end.


The Olive Grove said...

Ha! Lovin' this blog post. I always get excited about a couple and then they break up - sad day. Maybe Tim McGraw and Faith Hill I have an ounce of hope in. They are probably far from royal like figures though :)

Karyn said...

Will and Amy, nooooo! Devastating.

Charissa said...

Ok so I love both of their shows, esp parks and rec and I want to thank you for blowing my mind that they were married, and then breaking my heart for saying they broke up. I'm a roller coaster right now.

Amanda said...

That's really depressing... and I try to stay away from drama like K-Stew and Rob because it just frustrates me. Now I'm going to be analyzing relationships for the rest of the evening...

Amanda said...

(R-Patz? Seriously? Haha we should come up with celebrity gossip/tabloid names for ourselves! You:
Lin-B. Me: A-Bro. Conclusion: the last name "Brown" is really not working in our favor.)

lyndsey said...


Even months later, I'm still holding out for a reconciliation!