Thursday, May 22, 2014

Maternity Photos

My sister graciously agreed to take some maternity photos for me a few weeks ago. So I strapped on some high heels and we trespassed onto a neighbor's field and proceeded to document my 36th week of pregnancy.


A week later, I convinced Andrew to walk outside and take a few pictures with me so that we would have some documentation of the two of us during my pregnancy. If you know Andrew, photos with him are the worst. And I mean that completely lovingly and respectfully, but the worst (apologies all these years later to our wedding photographer). I told him it would only take 10 minutes and he actually started his stopwatch. In the end, he was a decent sport and didn't fake smile/grimace too much, especially considering it actually took 14 minutes and 23 seconds...I was later told. And at least we got a few shots!
I can tell a significant difference in the size of my stomach just from that one week duration. And since I am a few weeks late posting this, I'm actually just 9 days from my due date now -- and almost ready to experience labor if it means no longer having to make a heaving sound in order to roll over in the middle of the night, and if it means not feeling like my feet are actually starting to break apart underneath me when I go grocery shopping. #drama

All that is to say, we love you, baby. And look forward to meeting you soon. Some people express their photographic love towards their babies by doing the little heart sign around their belly, but we not only love you, we want you to live long and prosper. And be a Star Trek fan. Your mom does, at least!


Mary-Anne said...

Cute dress! So excited for you! And P.S. ... labor is way easier than pregnancy. For me anyway. :) You'll do great!

Izzy Brown said...

So great! Mom and I have been looking at these and laughing. Thanks for posting and you look great. #hotmama

lyndsey said...

Mary-Anne -- I sure hope so! Thanks for the encouragement :)

Amanda said...

I'm impressed with Andrew... a 14-minute photoshoot? I can't think of anything more challenging or dreadful in life. Giving birth is such a breeze! #not

PS. You look great. :) What a beautiful momma.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the photos. I will continue to pray for you, Andrew and the little guy.

Carmen said...

How lovely. If I know pictures are being taken, my inner 13-year-old geek pushes to the awkward surface. You have managed to rock it. Well done.

sarah said...

beautiful as ever, and nice lighting. good to see you.

lyndsey said...

Thanks, guys :)

Karyn said...

So fun. Way to go Kendra. And Andrew. And you, of course, for actually having the baby inside of your body.