Monday, May 4, 2009

Guidos and Seals

Meet the GUIDOS!

Karyn and Joel were married March 19th at the Reed Opera House. These are the only pictures I have so far but I'm trying to get a few more. Maybe some that Joel are actually in. Congrats on your life goal of marrying a mountain man Karyn. Now you only need a goat!



This face is sooo Karyn:

--In other news--
I went to bake this yam until I (actually Andrew) realized how much it looked like a seal.

May 021

harbor seal

I know it's not the Virgin Mary or Jesus' Cross, but still...I think it's a sign.


Charissa said...

Crazy yam art. I cracked up at that. I didn't even read the caption, and I was asking myself: "why is there a little seal carving on a baking sheet?" Awesome.

The Timmerman's said...

That yam is seriously freakin' me out. WEIRD. On the other hand, Karyn's wedding pictures are really pretty. See you tomorrow?

Kendra Hawk said...

I now understand the meaning behind the random comment about a seal. Please tell me you played with it and barked around like a seal! I need to see more pictures of Mrs. Guidos wedding. I sent your birthday card yesterday so you'll hopefully get it soon. Love and miss you.

Anonymous said...

I think the seal is prettier than Karyn...

BrownTown said...

Anonymous, you are such a tool sometimes (Karyn)...