Saturday, May 30, 2009

What you Missed over the Weekend

So technically this story happened last week... and I know this isn't as important as Susan Boyle NOT winning Britain's Got Talent (although you should seriously watch the winning group Diversity -- Awesome) but it's still worth knowing. This is a documented news story.

I work at a church (I would name it but Andrew thinks someone would stalk me) off Commercial Street. On Wednesday of last week, I went to run an errand and found I could not drive down Commercial Street because there were a bunch of cop cars and they were caution-taping-off the entire Walgreens entrance and Phoenix Inn Suites entrance. I sort of figured someone had been murdered in the hotel and had escaped (because that's what I'm used to in Salem--[our neighbor shot himself and died a few months ago...there was a shooting 5 houses down from us last month...inbd]).

Anyway, when I came back to the church, it was the same story, but now, they weren't even letting people anywhere near that part of Commercial -- they were detouring them to Sunnyside. On my next errand, it was the same story, but this time I saw the Salem Police Bomb Squad (which I didn't even know we had) and I realized that all the hoopla was about a potential bomb.

To be honest, I had sort of thought this already because I had been watching a lot of 24 recently and they deal with bombs all the time, so I figured this probably happens in real life too. What was most interesting is that I'm pretty sure the Bomb squad mobile is just a horse trailer painted white with the words "Salem Bomb Squad" on it, because that is seriously what it looked like. I cannot find an official picture of one but I render it to this:

SOO anyway, when I finally left the church to go home, everything was cleared out and no one had died and I hadn't been blown up either. I kept trying to find out on the internet what had happened...and then I found it.

Apparently, someone had found an "abandoned" duffle bag in the bushes between Walgreens and the hotel and decided to call the police. Yes, they called the police instead of just opening the duffle bag to see what was in there (money?). And of course, somewhere along the way, someone decided it was a bomb. So they obviously brought out their bomb robot, which apparently blows up bombs (what?) so they blew up the duffle bag.


Note: This bomb robot would get completely
handled by ASIMO:

You know what was in the duffle bag?

Hot dogs.
Hot dogs.
They blew up a bag of hot dogs.

Where is Jack Bauer?
That's what you missed.

(Moral of the story: If you find an abandoned duffle bag by a Walgreens, not on a train station, check what's in it before you call the police).


The Timmerman's said...

this is awesome - - - i didn't even know this happened.

I hope to be home by Friday - I'll call you soon and thanks for being such a good friend through this all.

The Timmerman's said...

p.s. i like your new picture :)

Julie A said...

Yeah I am sure I will be in tip top shape but the time the alumni game rolls around. LOL. I will be excited to play keeper so I won't have to run. Maybe you and Ivy can get into a counseling service to work on your relationship:....on another note I honestly can't believe that it was a bag full of hotdogs...that is so FUNNY! Looks like our tax dollars are being spent really well.

Mary-Anne said...

That is an awesome story. :) Oh the awesomeness of living in Salem. haha. I am so glad you have a blog so I can blog stalk you now. (just kidding...kind of). Hope all is well!!