Monday, September 6, 2010

Name Games

From a very young age, I grew up watching "The Young & the Restless." I won't divulge the details of how that guilty pleasure came about, but from 5th grade on through college, if I was ever home at 11:00 a.m., I made it a point to catch up on the lives of those in Genoa City. Surprisingly, not much had changed.

One thing that will always stick with me from my stint with soap operas was the ridiculous use of romantic and elaborate names:

Victor Newman and Nikki Reed and their children Victoria and Nicholas Newman. 
Christine "Cricket" Blair and her relationships with Phillip Chancellor III and Danny Romalotti. 
Isabella Williams. 
Michael Baldwin.
And the list goes on.

It's no wonder then that I took such a liking to the Soap Opera Name Game I learned in high school. It's really something of an ice breaker. The game goes like this:

Let's pretend you are going to join a soap opera as a new character. How do you choose your cast name? I believe this formula to be 90% reliable. It is as follows:

name chart

For example: If your name was Judy Marie Smith and you lived on Lozier Lane, your soap opera name would be Marie Lozier.

All that is to say, for the last 6 months, Andrew and I have been Stephen and Danielle Greene. Not bad. Personally, I think it just screams good-looking philanthropic power couple. 

Well, as I mentioned earlier, Andrew and I have been in the process of moving from Augusta to Savannah. We decided early on we didn't want to play the renting game anymore so we would just buy. As in buy a house. As in lock ourselves into a mortgage payment for essentially the rest of our lives. It was an intimidating process.

Of the many properties we saw, I couldn't help applying the Soap Opera Name Game to each and every house. Did I want to be Danielle Laurel Hill? Or Danielle Ivey? I knew I didn't want to be Danielle Hwy 144...but choosing a house is really difficult. How do you pick the "right" one? How do you know if the house you like is the one you should buy...or what if a better one comes along later? So in true adolescent style and in my fear of commitment, I often resorted to this name game. Eventually, after weeks of searching, it came down to two names: Danielle Bristol or Danielle Savannah.

And I'm pleased to say that on Thursday, we officially changed our name to The Bristols:


I'll be honest, Danielle Bristol sounds slightly more...bratty, but I'm pretty in love with our new house. We spent the weekend unpacking boxes. This was more exciting than normal because our stuff from Oregon finally arrived. It was like Christmas. A person can forget how much stuff they actually own.

Soooo back to that name game tangent that seemingly has nothing to do with the fact that we just bought our first house, I'm always looking for a good soap opera name. I think it says a lot about a person's alter ego. At one point in her life, Karyn was Virginia Apple. It's not hard to figure out what that character would be like. My friend Mandy grew up as Rae Shady. Again, I think the name speaks for itself.

Unfortunately, if you currently live on Corban's campus, you are sort of disqualified from the game. Sorry Kari, but anything Deer Park Drive would never cut it in Genoa City. Not even Esther Deer Park.

I'm dying to know any noteworthy soap opera names out there -- I think it says a lot about a person. Are you the good girl? The rich one? The heartbreaker? A plain jane? Inquiring minds want to know.

More from the Bristols soon...


The Finch's said...

Your house is gorgeous! I can't wait until you show us the inside!!! Wow...amazing! I can't wait! Congrats to you and Andrew!!!! =)

Amanda said...

IT'S AMAZING! Seriously so beautiful. I can't wait to visit.
I guess for now, I would be Ruth Main (Main Street?) which sounds extremely plain and...not cool, so I'll stick to my real name.
But for real, Bristol sounds rich and sophisticated.

Ashley said...

Danielle Summer is in love with your house and she hasn't even seen the inside. When I think of my dream home it always has a huge porch and two stories. Can't wait to see pictures of the inside. So excited for you guys.

Karyn said...

So you're doing DWTS?...Get it?
Virginia Apple was the ultimate; now I'm rocking the Virginia 87th Ave. Score.

Hoping and wishing to come be a house guest "soon".

Mary-Anne said...

Oh my gosh...that is YOUR house?!?! I'm totally jealous but so excited for you!!! And your soap opera name is way better than mine. Mine would be Taylor Norfolk Bay... ha ha!

Carmen said...

I love your home! Please organize and decorate quickly, then show pictures! I live vicariously through you.

Still Lives in Parents' Basement
(aka Joy Montague)

Anonymous said...

Rae Shady is the greatest Soap Opera name ever. Your next post should be about your stripper name, which would be your first pet and the street you live on. My professional stripper name is Boo Shady..need I say more?

The Webers said...

Such a GORGEOUS house! Congratulations on your blessing!
Leigh Ptarmigan

Kari said...

Finally. This picture is even better than the one you showed me while you were here. And I echo everyone else...can't wait to see what you do with the inside. I so wish I could come help you decorate. I could live in your bonus room. :) and can I go off what my Nevada street name was? I would be Esther Dallas. Still don't know if that's cool enough. Maybe it's just the name Esther??

lyndsey said...

Thank you all for the well wishes and soap opera names. I think Kacie wins with Brooke Gala. She owns the soap opera world.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous house. Fancy name. Bristol sounds so upper-class. You could probably safely add a few roman numerals behind it, just for an even more elitist look.
According to your formula I am Lee Seattle Slew, which sounds awkward at best, and at worst like the crazy witch neighbor who hexes everyone's neighbors and poisons their children. I am happy to be making the upgrade soon to Lee Valleywood. Much more poetic and respectable.
But the most disturbing thing of all is that I think my actual soap opera name is...Kayla Johnson. From Salem. Check out my husband Steve's patch.

Sarah said...

For some reason I don't look down on you for watching soap operas. If it was any other person I would though. How do you slash did you keep up with all your addictions...baking, gaming, soccer, throwing-kittens, reading, writing, drinking coffee, plastic surgery, going to the doctor, picking apples..etc etc????

Is that your white truck outside of your house? Both of your white possessions at the moment are typical 'American Dream'. Well done on conquering that feat. How do you feel?

Miss you tons! I want to come and visit!
Love Sarah and bebe Eamon
aka Nicole and Boaz Wallula

Officer said...

I cannot believe your house. I seriously gasped and covered my eyes I was so excited/surprised! It is beyond BEAUTIFUL! Justin and I will be planning a trip....OR Kari and I will leave the babies behind and come visit you (what do you think Kari?...I mean Esther Dallas). Cannot wait to see what you do with the place!
Kathryn Lila (kind of lame) but better than Kathryn Deer Park or Kathryn 108th Street!

Kris said...

You know, street name is a huge thing when looking at houses. I semi like our street name; our neighborhood streets are all Irish. So my Soap name is "Anne Wicklow", which to me sounds like the two faced one who knows everyone's business... Oh but wait, that's EVERYONE on soaps. Silly me. Your home is completely beeeutiful! Nice big corner lot and wonderful porch! Many happy days are coming your way!

KeriAnn said...

love the house! congratulations, Lyndsey.

I don't have a middle name. lame, party pooper.

Joshua and Mallory said...

Josh and I are both in love with your house!! I think we are moving to Savannah RIGHT NOW.

By the way we are not happy with our soap opera names...our street just doesn't jive.
Douglas Howard, Nicole Howard, and Rae Howard (Eden's name). Just not feeling it.

Ok more pictures now!

Sarah Y said...

Dear Mrs. Bristol,

Your new home is dashing. I mean, if you're into classic, well designed homes and all. I am looking forward to getting my personal invite to your house warming. Of course I won't attend, but I will spread vicious rumors around the new neighborhood if left out. Also, please expect me to be dropping in with an appropriate house-warming gift that is less about you and more about me wanting to get in with the new neighbors.


Suzanne Davie
aka The Conniving Neighborhood Diva

But for reals, that looks amazing! When did you become an adult? What does this say about me?