Friday, September 17, 2010


Our house is full of them. Thankfully, we managed to finish our dresser project this week. Woot. And by "we," I mean mostly Andrew. I was too busy dealing with the fact that apparently new carpet annihilates your vacuum. Lesson learned. This project isn't really that exciting or amazing. I think I'm just posting these pictures as a means to avoid the other 50 tasks awaiting me. Setting up a house takes forever; in fact, I'm currently developing a formula to try and predict exactly how long this house-setting-up-ness should take. The end.




Karyn said...

Is that for your baby's room??

lyndsey said...

No, it was for your room -- But no more!

Anonymous said...

please post your projects so that i feel less guilty/narcissistic when i want to post all of my house projects. i really, really like the dresser. so cute. i want to get a sideboard/credenza thingy along those same lines. good work. A-. Okay fine, A+. :)