Sunday, June 26, 2011

We pulled it off

This is the face of someone who didn't expect to see you in the airport, 4,000 miles away from your home, and thus can only continuously and adamantly shout the word "No" (caught here mid-sentence) in disbelief:

And these are the faces of two siblings reunited after two years of being apart:

Though mildly traumatic, surprises are the best.


CJ said...

So sweet. And she looks beautiful, as usual, even mid-no.

Amanda B said...

True statement at the end... although surprises scare me, they come with good memories.
That's so cool that you guys got to do that :)

Audrey said...

This is adorable and amazing...but my favorite part is the label you gave it. You are something else, I'm telling you. Something else!

lyndsey said...


You never know when we're going to show up at your airport. Be prepared.

Amanda B said...

Haha I will be SO prepared that if you don't surprise me, it will bother your conscience for the rest of your LIFE.