Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Midnight Train

And so the 50+ hour road trip from Oregon to Georgia has begun...

Day 1: Medford, OR (B)
Day 2: Anaheim, CA (C)
Day 3: Disneyland/California Adventure (C)
Day 4: Tucson, AZ (D)
Day 5: Las Cruces, NM (E)
Day 6: San Antonio, TX (F)
Day 7: Baton Rouge, LA (G)
Day 8: Augusta, GA (H)

Technically we start day 4 tomorrow (I've fallen a bit behind with my updates in the moving process). So now, fresh from sharing the "happiest place on earth" with a bajillion other Californians who were coincidentally on their Spring Break, we're heading to Tucson in the morning (home of Nic Sedor). This will be my first time in the American desert so I am most looking forward to this stop. If anyone knows anything about any of these towns please let me know. Rachel Ray told me all about the food in San Antonio last week on the Food Network, so I'm good-to-go in that category. We miss (most) everyone...especially some yet to be born babies. Make it happen!


Kari said...

drive safe, have fun and i'm doing my best with the baby...he's a stubborn little guy!!! wonder where he's getting that from? :) keep posting!

Anonymous said...

well, i asked ryan if there's anything to share about tucson because he was born there....he said he was in a cult there and he fell into a cactus. that's all i got. have fun! :)

Ben and Alicia said...

My husband and I made that same drive from OR to GA (Fort Benning). I have a lot of fond memories. We stopped in Vegas and at the Grand Canyon on our trip.
You'll notice LA, MS, AL and some of GA all have the same view from the highway. It's kindof interesting. :-)

Sarah said...

I asked darren what he remembers about Tuscon and he said all that he remembers is his brother fell into a cactus, and that he was in a cult there...ps: it took me 45 seconds to find Android in the pic...it was harder then Where's Waldo. I say your should make a book called: ?A donde Andrés?