Friday, April 9, 2010

Tales from Tucson

For the record, I fully intend to make some cheesy alliteration reference to every place we visit. Tucson (NOT pronounced Tuxson you self-involved West Coasters) was pretty incredible. We stayed at this resort bordering the edge of Pima Canyon and thus were able to enjoy an early morning hike before we had to hit the road again. The picture above marks the trail's beginning.

This was a fun and frightening game I liked to play entitled, "Where's Andrew?" Andrew decided to scale the sides of the canyon while apparently wearing desert camouflage. Every time I got distracted and looked away, it took me minutes to locate him again...making me wonder if he had somehow plummeted during my visual absence. But then I remembered...he's Army Strong. Any luck finding him?

Where's Andrew?

There he is!

And proof there is some color in the desert: wild cactus blossoms.

Desert Rose


The Finch's said...

The first picture is very pretty! Looks like you are making wonderful memories on your road trip! Glad that you two are able to be back together! Good job on being so patient while God had plans for Andrew! Enjoy your time in Georgia!! =)

Karyn said...

Coooooooooooooooool. Let's all move to Arizona!!!!!!!!!!! Your life is so awesome right now, I wish I could play with the cacti too. Cooooooooooool. I am just going to stare at this blog post all day. Let's hang out.

Aaammmaaanndda said...

I found Waldo- i mean Andrew! I'm liking your dorky alliterations. I think it'd be cool to visit TX and AZ... for maybe one day.
Random fact: I accidentally sat on a cactus once. You're probably wondering how/where in the world this happened... I will have to tell you the story one day.